The (7) Top Trends in Digital Marketing for 2013

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As August rolls into September, and new budgets become available for 2014, what are the top trends that marketers are focusing on for 2013/2014.  The following list was composed by Digital Marketer:

1) Marketers will finally prioritize cross-channel campaign management.sarasota digital agency, sarasota marketing agency, florida digital. cre8egy digital trends

2) The number of platforms/devices used by consumers continues to increase.

3) Smartphone utilization as a payment source

4) Email companies like Constant Contact are showing greater alignment with Social Media for greater email enhanced marketing campaigns.

5) The value of a single social customer is increasing.  Facebook is still the king when it comes to social sharing.

6) Good data is the key to successful online display campaign.  Understanding your data, its’ source is key.

7) Search engine marketing is becoming better at understanding consumer intent, due to depth of data.

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