Digital Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make Right Off the Bat

Starting a brand new business is always a thrilling experience. You are all giddy and excited about your venture and you just can’t wait to get the ball rolling. Sadly, this is where most of the digital marketing mistakes small businesses make start. Think about it, you don’t really want to have a business that started out with a bunch of mistakes, right?
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How to Find the Right Advertising Agency for Your Business

Did you know that before, there were only a handful of good advertising agencies to choose from? You only had 5-6 choices in advertising firms if you were a brand who wanted some advertisement-related things done. Good thing that all changed now. Advertisings are dime-a-dozen nowadays so we have a lot of choices.
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Don’t Be Afraid to Swim Against the Stream …

In today's convoluted, hyper-active media landscape, sometimes you must take a different tact or approach to effectively engage and convert prospects into customers.  Just because there is the "way it's always been done", doesn't mean it's the best way, or even an effective way.  Sometimes you need to act differently.  Let me give you an example.
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4 Simple Steps in Managing Your Business’ Online Reputation

A customer would rather buy a product or service from a brand with great reviews than from a business riddled with negative remarks. This is the reason why companies should focus on making sure they have a positive online reputation – and this includes small businesses. One might automatically assume that because a business is small, online reputation means nothing.
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